What is cold calls for business growth: top 3 tips for developing this effective tool

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Many users think that in the age of smartphones there is no point in following trends in the field of cold calls, and that the era of all these conversations on the phone, gone. In fact, this segment is still very much in demand. Many users are becoming uncomfortable and intrusive with the system of constant “pumping out” of information with the help of social networks. And e-mail messages with new products are perceived as an invasion of privacy. On the contrary – a conversation on the phone with a live person, is much easier to perceive than the imposition of advertising gimmicks through gadgets. Here – in telephone communication – everything is very simple and clear. And at any moment, you can stop the dialogue.

Note the three most important characteristics of effective communication through cold calls:

  • increased opportunity to attract brand new customers;
  • collection of valuable marketing information about a product/service;
  • economical use of money and time.

On how to establish communication with a new level of efficiency. And also, about what is cold calls today and what are good technologies of “cold calls” in a very competitive market of advertising and promotion of goods we will tell right now.

High potential for attracting new customers

There are many stories related to the fact that new customers are simply unaware of the properties of a product or service. And only the specification of some parameters reveals the product/service. You can only benefit from products or services when the user already has the information. With cold calls, you can directly address the consumer and answer exactly the question he was interested in. This is a very good solution for animating leads’ inquiries. And converting their ideas and desires into purchases.

Get feedback: change, research and be in the trend of the buyers

With cold calls, potential customers will tell you everything they would like to see in a product or service. This is very important. Especially when it comes to extremely competitive niches. While in the industrial segment such data can be obtained by questionnaire, in the sphere of selling household goods or selling services, everything is much more complicated. Here you need to get information from a person who describes the same characteristics differently and can also be overly subjective.

Participating in a conversation with potential clients will help gather qualitative data that varies greatly in depth of information and relevance. Compared to email correspondence.

Saving money and time

Even though cold calls are still associated with the cost of communication and its organization. But such calls are much more cost-effective than other sales methods. Cold calls can be made anywhere and anytime. The volume of the call and its depth can and should be adjusted based on the user’s specific mood and response.