Identifying & Elimination of Keyword Cannibalization to Boost SEO

    Cannibalization to Boost SEO

    Keyword cannibalization is a concept that is misinterpreted even by many SEO experts. In fact, some SEO companies do not even claim that it exists. However, the reality is different. Keyword cannibalization is an issue for many websites, and it is a key factor that influences your website rankings.

    What is Keyword Cannibalization?

    According to the experts of SEO company in Cumming, Keyword cannibalization can be best defined as the time when you have more than one page on your site that targets the same keyword. What happens is that neither of the pages gets a ranking on the website. This is the reason why is Keyword Research so important for SEO.

    Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

    Identifying keyword cannibalization for your website pages is not as daunting and easy as a keyword matrix. All you have to do is to make a spreadsheet that will feature all of your important links to the site and their targeted keywords. Another way you can use it is the keyword mapping tool that will map all of your keyword tools in one single place.

    When you list out all your website URLs, then go through them all and check for any duplicate entries in the list. If you find any, especially amongst the important pages, your website might suffer from keyword cannibalization.

    Keyword cannibalization can occur even when the meta information of your data seems to target the same keyword of another page. Therefore in-depth checking is very important if you wish to identify keyword cannibalization issues.

    Here’s How You Can Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization

    The ideal way to fix or eliminate keyword cannibalization issues depends on your problem. However, here are some possible solutions to get rid of this stubborn keyword issue.

    ·     Remove and Redirect keyword Cannibalized Pages

    ·     Curate New Landing Pages

    ·     Add uniqueness to your content

    ·     Find new keywords

    ·     Re-optimize your landing pages

    ·     Work on your interlinking websites

    ·     Consolidate pages into one single page We can’t deny the fact that eliminating keyword cannibalization issues can be a daunting task, and thus it can be best done by an expert SEO company in Cumming. However, one of the ideal ways to fix keyword cannibalization is to stop it from the moment of its happening. Just make sure you are quite focused on keyword research, and then you can easily make your website free from keyword cannibalization issues.