Maximising Your Social Media Marketing With Video Content


There is always something new online; today, we have Facebook and Twitter. Many intelligent marketing experts are using both to drive a ton of highly certified website traffic to their websites. To truly amp up the outcomes, you can do social marketing (like Facebook marketing specifically) and devise a strategic plan for publishing your content. You can use this approach to promote any type of product you can think about online.

Most social media marketing agencies and experts would agree that publishing video content is one of the most effective methods for reaching out to your target market. It’s visual, easy to digest and only takes seconds to make an impression and for your target market to understand and capture their attention and interests. Numerous times, it has been proven that most ‘viral’ content are often short videos but leave an impact/mark on its viewers.

What Makes A Video Worth Watching?

The one underlying thing to remember whenever you use video for marketing a product and service is that a high-quality video clip will go a long way in identifying what kind of results you’ll get. When it comes to Facebook marketing (or any other social media platform), you are expected to provide professional and well-made clips, not amateurish ones. No one expects Hollywood quality video clips, yet they have to prepare to make them intriguing and visually appealing. A badly made video clip won’t do much to make you appear like an experienced expert in your specific niche.


The K.I.S.S. Rule

For a lot of marketing videos, specifically on social media like Instagram and Facebook marketing, the K.I.S.S. acronym works extremely well, which stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

It’s far better to simply make a quality video clip that is simple yet interesting in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s all they want, something that can reveal to them exactly how to do the one thing they desperately need to know.


Preparing A Video For Social Media Marketing Effort

Don’t go wild and also spend thousands on advanced equipment to create your videos. Instead, try using a video camera, a tripod (optional), a good kenwood lapel microphone, editing software, and lastly, an excellent idea, which are everything you exactly need.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can leave it to some professionals or have a social media marketing company assist in creating a sound strategy for your video content.

As soon as you have set up your tools, you need to apply the idea and execute it properly. Identify the one problem that people in your specific niche face. It is the initial process of making an appealing video.

For example, Apple is a billion-dollar company, thanks to its clever video marketing effort that helps bolster the sales of its iPhone and Macbook products despite having tight competition with other brands. The way they personify the product and deliver a simple but playful and humorous style with their 2006 memorable ‘Get a Mac’ ads, which are the perfect example of being simple but effective to follow.

Here are a few simple but effective concepts you can learn from other successful marketing video content that you can adapt to your social media video:

  • Highlighting the advantages of your product
  • Communicating clearly what the market cares about
  • Staying 100% honest about the product or service
  • Telling an emotional-driven story about your product or service
  • Making an exciting promise that you can realistically deliver to your audience

Also, make information understandable and easy to digest. It’s the key to preparing decent content for your Instagram or Facebook marketing needs.


How Well-Made Video Can Affect Your Brand

A well-made video for your social media marketing effort can make a lasting impact on obtaining more C.T.R. (click-through rates) and shares. It adds personality to your brand as well, so your audience will easily recognise it. It also enables you to reach, connect and engage with individuals on a much deeper level. If you use that effectively, it can make a big distinction in your organisation/business brand.

Keep in mind. You need to be consistent in posting quality video content, and it’s not just a rule by social media marketing companies or experts. It takes a few ‘contacts’ for people to get comfortable with you. By enabling people to get to ‘know’ you via video, you can get one of the most out of those barrier contacts to make people recognise and identify you.

Creating A Successful Video

Obtaining online visitors to your social media account is your main work when constructing an online business. With the Internet, there is no such thing as ‘stagnant’. Things change rapidly and unpredictably. Combining video with social media/Facebook marketing efforts will help you obtain an edge over your competitors on Facebook. Knowing how to prepare a video is great and using social media sites for marketing with videos is fantastic, yet how do you pull it out exactly?

Right here are a few fundamental principles to keep in mind when you are intending and implementing your approach:

  1. The elements of your video need to be of ideal quality. As we mentioned earlier, quality is one of the most important key ingredients to a successful video. What it means is that the audio, as well as video resolution, are clear while the details are presented in an easy-to-understand style. Make sure that your videos are well rendered as well. You can also likely ask assistance from a local social media marketing company if you have a budget, as this can make a significant change to your marketing campaign.


  1. Keep your videos relatively brief. The average is less than 5 minutes. If you are supplying some kind of educational video, you don’t need to stick fairly so strictly to this rule. You can have your videos even as short as 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. Keep in mind that success is not only just found on quality. It’s found on the message of the content as well. It would be best if you made your audience feel something after the video ends. Those impacts last and can make yours more memorable and a candidate for ‘viral’ posts. You’ll see that most Facebook marketing videos that are successful leave a mark – it makes you feel something, whether it’s sad, happy, intriguing, mysterious, etc.

Your message needs to stand out because at the end of the day, even if yours has the best sound and quality but is not memorable or does not have an impact, it’s forgettable.


  1. When you submit your video clips, there are some policies you need to follow. See to it that you include keywords in your title, summary and tags. It will certainly help your video stand out and reach more targets.

Likewise, while submitting your video to many platforms is essential, you want to ensure that it’s just on the most reliable social media platforms. However, if you’re doing a Facebook marketing campaign, make sure that it is limited to the platform. It will make you look like you’re just spamming and will likely decrease your brand’s credibility.

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