7 Instagram tips and tricks


Instagram is the most popular digital advertising screen today. Basically, it’s all about your followers and their engagement with your posts. In this post, we will learn about some interesting Instagram tips and tricks that will certainly help you get more out of it.

Tip # 1 – Create a consistent feed

When we follow an Instagram profile, we usually do so out of conviction. We also expect – even if only subconsciously – a certain form of content. We get used to this content from post to post.

It is therefore important that you design your own feed consistently. But with your own company you have the realistic chance of creating a sustainable “fingerprint” in the minds of profile visitors.

In addition to the filters, the content forms should therefore also have a uniform style. Of course, it is advisable to keep testing new content. Nevertheless, the “basic topics” should remain largely the same.

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Tip # 2 – Create a varied feed

Building on the last point, here is one of the most important Instagram tips. Your own feed should be varied! This does not mean that there must be no constancy with regard to the higher-level content forms.

Rather, it is about continuously filling the respective posts with new content. This keeps your own content exciting for subscribers. Not only do they always like to return to their own profile. With every visit you will also learn something new about our company and its solutions. A dynamic that should definitely be maintained!

Tip # 3 – Don’t treat your own feed like a “museum”

For a long time, the Instagram platform was regarded as a kind of “museum” among social media channels. If you looked at the profile of many users, you quickly realized: only the best moments from your own life are published here. From the company’s point of view in particular, this approach should be consciously abandoned. Just see Instagram stories of your competitors anonymously with storiesig.com

It is less about making a “sparkling clean” impression, but more about continuity and authenticity – without neglecting quality. After all, your own followers want to be regularly supplied with content. If you are constantly looking for the “perfect” moments, you will automatically publish a lot less. And in the worst case, lose the attention of your own community!

Tip # 4 – Instagram Tips for Everyone – Use hashtags when posting

Instagram currently allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per image under one post . Especially at the beginning, you should use these 30 hashtags as much as possible. Of course, only if you can think of 30 useful hashtags! Hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of your own posts and to assign them to the appropriate “categories”.

The hashtags themselves should be inserted directly when creating the post. The old “trick”, in which hashtags were inserted weeks later in the posts in order to promote the post in the respective hashtag categories, no longer (unfortunately) exists. Posts are now simply displayed chronologically. This means that content can no longer be added to the hashtag search result list afterwards.

Tip # 5 – Use new content formats like “IGTV”

Another important Instagram tip is to use new formats such as “IGTV”. IGTV gives users the opportunity to publish videos between 1 and 15 minutes in length in their own profile. If the first video of this length is published, the small IGTV logo will appear in your own profile, visible to all users.

If you haven’t heard of IGTV, you should definitely read this detailed introduction to the new Instagram format. Because especially for those who have been annoyed in the past that the 60-second videos are not enough to get “to the point” in the videos, IGTV will definitely love!

Tip # 6 – “Be social”, because our Instagram tips only work with interaction

This Instagram tip is extremely relevant for the overall understanding! Because whenever companies are looking for Instagram tips and tricks, this well-intentioned advice is too often neglected. “Be social” means nothing else than interacting with the users of the platform on Instagram – regularly!

Anyone who uses Instagram to simply “download” content here on a regular basis will not achieve any success here. Above all, don’t build a community! The channel is about getting into interaction with other users. Comments, “likes”, “reposts” and private messages are the ways in which recognition for cool content can be shown. You should definitely use this!

Because no matter how “cool” your own company is: everyone wants to get recognition for their own content in the first place! On the part of the user, this promotes the willingness to deal with the content of the “acknowledging”.

Tip # 7 – Set targeted “Call to Actions” and create interactions

Publishing content is one thing. Generating interactions on your own content on a regular basis is completely different! From a company’s point of view, you should never be satisfied with just the “likes”. It is important that you get your own target group to react to the posts on a regular basis.

“Call to Actions” can help trigger this type of interaction. For example, specific questions can be a great way to trigger comments and reactions. But surveys also have what it takes to increase the interaction between the contributions.

Those who know their target group well have a clear advantage here! It is important to use this knowledge and to get into a constant exchange with your own subscribers. Of all Instagram tips, this is probably the one that can be implemented with the fewest “tricks”!