Types of Group Messaging to Utilize for Better Productivity


WhatsApp is one of the most popular online messaging application used in government and business. It is an efficient collaboration tool that records and captures discussions, material, and information in real-time. In companies, employees use WhatsApp’s group messaging to convey information to a large group, promoting employee collaboration and productivity. While this is a typical feature of most messaging apps, WhatsApp offers more advanced characteristics that enable employees to communicate information in a more personalized manner.

The basic group messaging is one of the most convenient WhatsApp features. Two or more users can use this to effortlessly collaborate on a single task by discussing work-related topics and digital content. They can switch to topic-based group conversations if they need to communicate with employees or departments from other branches or areas. Setting up a topic-based group messaging helps reduce off-topic conversations, allowing members to concentrate more on pertinent information regarding their specific project principles or concerns.

In addition, WhatsApp provides departments or teams with channels where participants can configure a group chat and act as the default team medium for their organization. These group scan facilitate better communication between management and employees, streamline collaboration, and expedite decision-making.

When a business needs to create a large group conversation, WhatsApp’s Group Messaging provides a great capacity, supporting up to 256 participants. This is especially useful if there is an emergency or incident requiring approval from every employee before the organization can take action. 

Despite the numerous advantages of WhatsApp’s group messaging feature, several companies have restricted its use in the workplace to minimize regulatory and legal problems. Thankfully, TeleMessage’s WhatsApp Archiver assists them with compliance and regulatory difficulties. It permits financial institutions to record and store WhatsApp chats, including group chatting threads. Other advantages of WhatsApp Archiving for businesses include: 

  • WhatsApp call recording and simple contact with customers, workers, and stakeholders;
  • comprehensive administration of work-related issues; 
  • archiving all WhatsApp conversation; 
  • and accessing and tracking WhatsApp messages in the corporate archive. 

Users can also select the appropriate archiving tools, such as enterprise number archiver, android archiver, network archiver, and WhatsApp archiver, from its array of archiving ways.

To know more information, here is an infographic from TeleMessage.