Different type of E-bike insurance covers according to the need


    You are doing a great favor to the environment by taking an e-bike ride instead of fuel burning rides. These bikes might be slow but they are safe. Besides it, the problem is that other vehicles on the road don’t run as safe as these bikes. You can never know from which direction any misfortune can collide with you. This can make you rest on bed for days. You must be having a health or personal injury cover for such problems on your side but you might be not covering your e-bike with any of it. If this is the case then you must get it covered with electric bike insurance by insurace4ebikes now. 

    There are different types of insurance covers available for it, you can choose what you feel is right for your bike:

    Third party insurance cover: You can ride tension free by having this cover for your bike. This cover includes any damage that happens to your bike from some other person’s carelessness. This insurance implies when you meet an accident. This insurance also covers the damage done by you and your bike to some other’s property or body. It could be a pedestrian or some fellow cyclist.

    Roadside assistance cover: As these bikes are made a bit complicated and repairs are not easy with it, you can be in great trouble if it gets broken-down anywhere. This cover can be very helpful in such situations. In case, the bike faces some sort of problem anywhere in the country, you can leave the bike at that place only and come back to your home. On your call, the company will send repair person to that location to get the bike picked up and repaired. After that, the bike will be sent to your home in good condition.

    Easy and affordable

    These are the best insurance covers that you can have for your e-bike. They are easily affordable and the Rates are dependent on the power and the brand of bike. You can have any policy associated with it according to your bike’s price and riding style. You can have yearly payment of this type of cover. This is profitable and you also don’t have any kind of headache in rest of the months. Though these policies don’t require much money for the installment but provide a good value of coverage. 

    Remain tension free

    You can also have some exciting terms associated with such insurance with some companies. E-bikes are not bicycle of which spare parts are cheap. E-bike contains several advanced parts that can be costly so you must get an insurance cover for it. If anyhow some accident happens or if it is stolen or the bike has caused damage to some other person’s property or body then in all such cases the company will be liable to pay for it. But there are some terms and conditions also included in such policies like a speed limit or area restriction and more.