Know Why an Accessibility Overlay Is Indispensable for Your Business


Popular apps like NVDA, Google screen reader, and Jaws allow users with auditory and visual disabilities to conveniently use their desktop or Android phones through voice commands. These apps read the screen’s text aloud with a synthesized voice. This becomes helpful to users with disabilities that find it hard to read. Besides the above, users can also listen to emails, texts, pictures, notifications, etc.

The role of an accessibility overlay for your website

Some of the above apps use an accessibility overlay that one can activate when and as needed. For instance, take the case of NVDA or Google screen reader. When you go to the app, you can choose the tools and choose the accessibility overlay options in front of you when they are not enabled.

A smart option for your business

The use of an overlay tool for your business is a smart move if your desktop or phone does not come with pre-installed assistive technologies like braille drivers etc. The way it functions is very simple. When the screen reader is reading the text, the image is placed in front, and so when people are not available, one can hear what is being read. This option can be generally activated from the tools. Once enabled, it makes the task of reading easier and much more efficient.

Different types of overlays

  • Floating text- This overlay displays the text in a window that is adjustable and can move around on the screen. The overlay fixes a semi-opaque black shaped like a rectangle over everything except that which is directly under the cursor.
  • Magnification- This just displays a part of the screen at a single time so that you can magnify whichever part of the screen you wish to read.
  • Block captions- You will get small images with captions beneath them. They multiply themselves when disabled. So, when turned off, they display multiple copies.

Help users with disabilities online

When you use an accessibility overlay, you are able to help users with disabilities. In fact, an overlay is much better than voice to text, especially if one is not acquainted with the software. Its use for reading helps, but you can finish your work faster without mistakes with an overlay. One needs to write down the text, and it often is a time-consuming process.

Selecting the perfect overlay

When it comes to choosing the accessibility overlay for your business, ensure that it is created by a credible company known in the market for its quality products. The overlay should be automated with the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. They will scan your site and fix errors faster than manual efforts where web developers have to be hired for the job.

Accessibility overlays are ideal for small business owners as they get a cost-effective and fast tool. It can be installed in minutes and works quietly in the background. Moreover, an accessibility overlay is ideal for keeping your site in compliance and litigation at bay when it comes to compliance issues.