Top 5 Remote Team Mistakes You Need to Eliminate in 2021!


There is no doubt that many companies and employees have adjusted fully to the demands of working from home. The last 8-10 months have given them sufficient time to acclimatise to the new work regimen and the good aspect is that productivity has been good after the initial hiccups.

The initial problems relating to poor internet connectivity, lack of proper communication, cyber security protocols and the like have all been ironed out. Companies have now realised it is possible to run businesses even with people not coming to office regularly. Click here,

However, there are 5 mistakes that a work from home team should be careful of and not do.  You can read here about them:
Also you can find them below:

  1. The internet connection has to be stable and secure. Otherwise, there can be serious data breach and terminals can get hacked. The VPN service is something that is recommended especially when workers are dealing with sensitive information.
  2. It is important to save official documents on the Google Drive instead of on the personal email address. These can be hacked into and precious information can get stolen. Companies should help in setting up the right security, firewall and data protection systems for the employees with adequate IT support when needed.
  3. Employees should not leave the laptops and desktops unlocked. It is likely family members using the same laptop or desktop may tamper with the work accidentally and that can be exasperating. Certain documents may not get saved on time due to this as well.
  4. Employees working from home should be careful not to divulge any company related information even by mistake on social media or to other friends. They should not put work related posts.
  5. It can be very tempting for employees working as a team to indulge in light banter while working. This is all the more possible since team mates are not or have not been able to see each other for a long time. Care should be taken to see that time is not wasted in this activity. But every effort should be made outside of office hours to connect with such office colleagues, help out each other with any personal or family related issues. That will really bolster team work and camaraderie.

The above mistakes if not made can lead to a lot of improved productivity, greater team work and better results for the company. Here you can find more info

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