When is the best time to switch to a dedicated server?


If you own a website, especially a website that generates a lot of traffic, you know the significance of having the right server. One server type many organizations choose is a dedicated server such as the one in WeHaveServers.com

You probably have a different kind of server, something inferior, and probably wonder if it is high time for you to switch to a dedicated server. You’ll know it’s time to switch to a dedicated server when you notice the following:

Your site is growing –

If your site is growing, it means that more traffic comes in, and your old server might not be able to keep up with the traffic, especially if it is a shared server. You will need a dedicated server to handle the web traffic.

Security becomes a concern –

If your website handles sensitive information, including financial information, you need a dedicated server to keep such data safe and secure. Having a dedicated server means you are not sharing the same server for other groups, which makes your website safe from hackers, viruses, and other online risks. You also have the freedom to optimize security features and how these security features are implemented.

You want to optimize your page’s loading time –

If your page takes some time to load, it could be that it is packed with features and graphics, or it could also be that many people are accessing it at the same time. A page that takes too long to load up can annoy your web visitor, and you surely don’t want it to happen. If you’re going to optimize your page’s loading time, you will need to switch to a dedicated server.

Control over your server –

If you want to have more control over your server, you definitely need to switch to a dedicated server. It provides a complete responsibility for how you use your server.


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