Content Marketing: What Types Of Content To Choose


    It is said of him that he is king, in addition to attracting your prospects and arousing their interest, he is capable of founding your brand credibility, and his online lifespan is infinite: it is the content! The new supports and formats of contents allowing for varying the pleasures, you would be wrong to deprive yourself—overview of content whose impact on your content marketing strategy is well established. Do not hesitate to get in contact with, with their help, you can grow faster and more cost-efficient.

     The Blog Article, The Most “SEO”

    All companies should introduce the blog in the first place of their Content Marketing strategy. First, it is by writing blog articles that you will have the best chance of demonstrating your expertise. Short articles will allow you to publish hot news on the latest innovations in your sector, while longer texts will allow you to tackle an issue in depth.

    Then, this type of content is ideal to appear in the first search results of Internet users. The article is indeed the perfect place to position a maximum of relevant keywords in relation to your theme. The title tags H1 and H2 are also particularly highlighted by the search engines. Be sure to take the time to work on all of your titles.

     Emailing, Conversion Champion

    Emailing, although subject to increasing competition, remains ideal content to engage and retain your leads. Particularly interesting for developing your Inbound Marketing strategy, emailing will highlight a product, a promotional offer or an article published on your site.

    All sectors combined, the opening rates are close to 15%, and it is not uncommon to reach 4% conversion. Since they have already shown interest in your business, the contacts who receive your emails are high potential leads, whose conversion rate will be higher than on any other medium.

    The Most Trendy Computer Graphics

    It also enriched content; computer graphics is the support to integrate into your Content Marketing strategy to bring freshness and originality. Most visitors spend less than 15 seconds reading the content of a web page, are therefore particularly appreciated because it highlights key information and allows essential messages to be passed quickly.


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