Features of Bluetooth Mouse


Wireless Mouse came out soon after the wired Mouse. wireless electronic product often attracts many people’s attention. The wireless Mouse uses wireless technology to communicate with the computer. It eliminates the limitation of data lines. There are many communication modes of wireless Mouse. Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee and other wireless technical standards. However, there are only three current mainstream wireless mice.¬† 27MHZ, 2.4 G and Bluetooth wireless Mouse.

Therefore, many people have a misconception. They think Bluetooth Mouse is a kind of wireless Mouse.

Bluetooth Mouse embodies the portable characteristics of mobile office. The weight and volume of 50g are less than half of the palm. This small and portable Mouse is very convenient to go out to work. Bluetooth Mouse loses the limitation of cable. It is the best thing. One can control the computer almost at any time within the effective range.

Wireless Mouse works in 2.4 G frequency band. Bluetooth Mouse works in Bluetooth frequency band. The difference of two frequency bands lies in the coding methods.

The effective distance of 2.4 G is shorter than that of Bluetooth. The signal will be worse when meet barrier.

Wireless mice have receivers for host computer. A receiver can receive the Mouse signal. Many laptops on the market have their own Bluetooth function. You can choose a Bluetooth Mouse without a receiver. But it will be slightly more expensive than 2.4 G.

The better the Mouse signal, the smoother we will operate. We will wonder how far its effective distance will be when use Bluetooth Mouse. We always measure it. We can reach the limit distance of the Bluetooth Mouse. The Mouse pointer on the computer will drop frames and Caton from time to time. At this time, you can roughly know the effective distance of the Mouse.

Delay was a big problem for inchoate wireless Mouse. However, wireless technology has developed. It is not obvious in general household or office with mainstream wireless Mouse. So, everyone doesn’t care. But it can not meet the need of professional gamer.

However, the Mouse industry has developed a lot with time. Mice on the market seldom express obvious delay. whether it is a wire Mouse or wireless. The battery life of wireless Mouse and Bluetooth Mouse is getting longer. It is simple to choose and buy them.


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